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4 Way Breeching Inlet



Material:Cast iron/Dutile iron Inlet:2 1/2" Outlet:6” BS 4504 / 6” table E /6” ANSI 150# Working Pressure:16bar Body Test:22.5bar Delivery Time:15days~30days



4 way breeching inlet

inlet breeching

Detailed introduction

inlet breeching

4 Way Breeching Inlet

* Inlet Breeching is installed at Dry risers in buildings for Fire Fighting use , its fitted with Inlet connection  at fire brigade access level and outlet connection at given points which is normally dry but capable of being charged with water by pumping from fire service. Its installed with male Instantaneous connections and drain valves.

* The 4-way breeching inlet has four female instantaneous couplings that allow firefighters to quickly and easily connect their hoses.  Each coupling is typically labeled with its intended purpose, such as "pump," "hose reel," "standpipe," or "hydrant."  The purpose of these labels is to ensure that firefighters connect their hoses to the appropriate water source.

* The breeching inlet is designed to handle high water flow rates and pressures, allowing multiple hoses to be supplied simultaneously during firefighting operations.  It serves as a central point where the water supply can be divided into different lines for various firefighting needs.

* The 4-way breeching inlet is commonly used in larger buildings, industrial complexes, and areas with high fire risk, where a single water source may not be sufficient to supply all the firefighting hoses needed.

4 way breeching inlet

Features and Specifications

* Body Cast iron, Ductile Iron or Gunmetal

* Inlet:2.5” BS instantaneous male copper alloy to BS 1982

* Outlet:6” BS 4504 / 6” table E /6” ANSI 150#

* Working Pressure:16barTest pressure: Body test at 22.5bar

* Non- Return valve are loaded with spring.
* Complete Inlet breeching is RED epoxy powder coated.
* Drain valve made of Brass / Gunmetal.
* Cap made of Plastic or Rubber.
* Chain Made of Brass or stainless steel.

4 way breeching inlet


Breeching inlet (Inlet breeching) is normally located on the ground floor of building to enable the fire and rescue service to connect hoses to supply water into dry riser, so that water can be pumped up to higher floors.



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