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Fire Hose Cabinet



Material:Mild Steel Size:550x550x200mm Product Origin:China Color:Red


Detailed introduction


The fire hose cabinet is made of mild steel and is mainly installed on the wall. According to the method, there are two types: recess mounted and wall mounted. Install fire-fighting reel, fire extinguisher, fire nozzle, valve etc. in the cabinet according to customer requirements. When the cabinets are made, advanced laser cutting and automatic welding technologies are used to ensure good product quality. Both the inside and outside of the cabinet are painted, effectively preventing the cabinet from being corroded and extending its service life.

* Material:Mild Steel
* Size:550x550x200mm

* Red powder coated
* Rust Resistant
* Manufacturer and certified to LPCB

Packing & Shippment:
● FOB port:Xiamen/Guangzhou/Ningbo / Shanghai
● Packing Size:56*56*21cm
● Units per Export Carton:1 pcs
● Net Weight:98kgs
● Gross Weight:9kgs


When encountering a fire, first  drag the fire hose to the fire position, open the copper nozzle of the reel, aim at the fire source, and extinguish the fire.One end of the hose is connected with a small-caliber fire hydrant, and the other end is connected with a small-caliber water gun. The complete set of fire-fighting reels and ordinary fire hydrants are placed in a combined fire-fighting box or separately in a special fire-fighting box. The spacing of the fire-fighting reels should be ensured There is a stream of water that can reach any part of the indoor floor.The fire-fighting reel is used for non-fire-fighting professionals to self-rescue when a small fire occurs. The diameter of the reel water hose is 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, the length is 16m, 20m, 25m, and the diameter of the water gun is 6mm, 7mm, 8mm and the fire hydrant model matches.When using a fire hydrant, it is usually operated by two people together and should be used after special training.

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