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Duraline Rubber Fire Fighting Hose



Material:Rubber Working Pressure:16bar Type:Rubber Hose Diameter:2inch~8 inch Color:Red Delivery Time:15-30days



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Detailed introduction

Duraline Rubber Fire Fighting Hose

Rubber fire hose has excellent wear resistance and durability, and can withstand long periods of use and frequent folding without damaging or affecting its performance. In addition, the hose also has good flexibility and plasticity, making it more convenient and flexible when using.fire hose

Product Features
*Resistant rubber material;
*High working pressure, good performance in the marine, forest and industrial operation.
*Double Jackets of rubber material


Fire Fighting Hose Material:Rubber

Fire Fighting Hose Line:Rubber

Working Pressure:16Bar

Color:Red,  blue, black, brown, yellow

OEM/ODM service:Color, working Pressure, Diameter,Color

Typical Application

• Municipal Fire Brigades

• Chemical & Petrochemical Complexes

• National and International Airports

• Military Bases

• Power Stations (Coal, Oil & Nuclear)

• Marine and Mill Industry

• Forest Industryfire hose

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