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Single hydrant gate valve



Material:Brass Size:2-1/2" Working Pressure:175 psi /300 psi(12bar/20bar) Surface: Rough / polished / red enamel Patten:Body and bonnet/Solid top handle Delivery Time:15days~30days



Single hydrant gate valve

Fire Hydrant

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single hydrant valve

fire hydrant gate valve

hydrant gate valve

Detailed introduction

Single hydrant gate valve

  A single hydrant valve is commonly used regulate the flow of water in fire hydrant systems, stand, or fire pumps.   It is designed in a straightway pattern, allowing water to flow in a straight line when the valve is fully open.

  The valve has a non-rising stem, which means that the stem does not move in a linear manner as the valve opens or closes.   Instead, the stem remains stationary while the disc or gate inside the valve moves up or down to control the flow of water.

  The disc of a single hydrant gate valve is typically a solid wedge-shaped piece.   When the valve is fully open, the disc is lifted out of the flow path, allowing the water to pass through unrestricted.   As the valve is closed, the disc is lowered, gradually reducing the flow of water until it is completely shut off when the disc comes in contact with the valve seat.

  This type of valve provides a reliable and efficient method of throttling the flow in fire hydrant systems or other fire protection applications.

Features and Specification


pin lug swivel, rising stem

Working Pressure:175 psi /300 psi(12bar/20bar)
Surface: Rough / polished / red enamel

Feature: Straightway, NH inlet


The hydrant gate valve is used to throttle the flow from a fire hydrant without damaging the hydrant itself.

Available Size

single hydrant valvesingle hydrant valve

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