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Fire extinguishing device






Detailed introduction

in view of the fact that there are no effective supervision measures for fire hydrants, we can only rely on inspections by water inspectors, which wilinevitably lead to inadequate supervision and provide an environment for private use of fire hydrants and theft of free water from fire hydrants.lraddition, the implementation of repairs and maintenance is not in place,causing fire-fiqhting facilities to be useless, unable to use them at criticamomenits.and increasind the risk ot re nazards. Theretore. this orobiem is an uroent orobiem tor the water aairs aroun and the hre denartment rriew of the above situation.the comnany has eveloned an inteliaent utdoor fire hvdrant.which efeclivelv soives the nrobiems of water and watei

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