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Fire Fighting Equipment Indoor Hydrant



Material:Cast iron Working Pressure:16Bar Diameter:50mm/65mm Applicable Medium:Clean water, foam admixture liquids



indoor fire hydrant

fire hydrant

indoor hydrant

Detailed introduction

fire hydrant

Fire Fighting Equipment Indoor Hydrant

An indoor hydrant, also known as a fire hydrant or standpipe, is a fire-fighting equipment that is installed inside a building or structure to provide a readily available water supply for fire suppression.  It is connected to a reliable water source, such as a municipal water line or a water tank, and is designed be easily accessible for firefighters in the event of a fire.


Model Nominal Pressure Nominal Diameter Inlet Outlet
Form Diameter


65mm G2 50mm 50mm
SN65 G2-1/2 65mm 65mm

Features & Components

* Hydrant Valve: The hydrant valve is the main control valve that regulates the flow of water from the water source to the fire hose. 

* Outlet Connection: The outlet connection is where the fire hose is attached to the hydrant.

* Fire Hose: A fire hose is a flexible tube that carries pressurized water from the hydrant to the fire.  It is typically made of durable materials, such as rubber or synthetic fibers, and is designed to withstand high water pressures and extreme temperatures.

* Nozzle: The nozzle is the end attachment of the fire hose and is used to control the flow and direction of water. 

* Hose Reel or Cabinet: An indoor hydrant is often accompanied by a hose reel or stored in a cabinet for proper storage and protection.  


SN series indoor fire hydrant is indoor fire fighting equipment. The product can be installed in factories, warehouses, high-rise buildings, public places, etc. It can also be used for ship fire protection. It is used with fire hose, fire gun, etc.

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