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Outdoor Fire Hydrant



Material:Ductile Cast Iron/Cast Iron Inlet Diameter:DN100/DN150 Outlet Diameter:65mm*2/80mm*2 Working Pressure:1.6Mpa Type:Outdoor Fire Hydrant



fire hydrant

outdoor fire hydrant

Detailed introduction

Fire Hydrant

Outdoor Fire Hydrant

* Outdoor hydrants are sealed by tight contact between the gasket mounted on the disc and the seat. Rotate the valve stem to make the disc parts move up and down, so that the valve parts and the valve seat open and close to play the role of water intake and water sealing. When the stem is rotated counterclockwise and the valve disc rises to the fully open state, the drainage valve is closed, and the water in the supply pipe enters the hydrant, and the water is drawn or directly put out the fire through the hose gun.

* Outdoor ground fire hydrant is designed according to GB4452-2011 "outdoor fire hydrant" standard, is the main equipment of urban pipe network to supply water to the fire, installed in the outdoor fire water supply network, for fire trucks or fire pumps to draw water to fight fires, such as high-pressure water sources in the pipe network can be directly connected to the water for fire extinguishing. Suitable for areas with high temperature.

* The flange bend is connected to the related pipe during installation. Use a special wrench to open the disc. Water supply can be supplied by connecting the KWS type external thread fixed interface with the hose interface. The disc should be closed after use. Automatic discharge of residual water through the automatic drainage valve.


Item Model

Nominal Pressure(Mpa) Water Inlet Water Outlet
Model Quality Bore(mm) Model Quality Bore(mm)
SS100/65-1.6 1.6 Socket/Flange 1 100 Deducted Type 2 KWS 65
External Type 1 M125X6
SS150/65-1.6 1.6 Socket/Flange 1 150 Deducted Type 2 KWS 65
External Type 1 M170X6
SS150/80-1.6 1.6 Flange 1 150 Deducted Type 2 KWS 80
External Type 1 M170X6


Maintenance & Inspection

* Fire hydrants must be checked once a month or before major festivals
* Remove the debris around the valve stem end, set the special wrench on the rod head, check whether it is suitable, turn the valve stem, fill the lubricating oil
* Wipe the rust stains on the thread of the outlet with oil cloth, and check whether the rubber washer in the cover is intact; Open the fire hydrant, check the water supply, and then close it after the rust water is removed, and observe whether there is leakage
* the exterior paint should be repaired in time
*  Check and remove obstacles near the fire hydrant.

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 Fire Hydrant

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