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ZST Fire sprinkler



Item No.:WFUI-68 Material:Brass Connecting Thread(Inch):1/2 Or 3/4 Glass Bulb Diameter::5mm Glass Bulb Colour::Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple Fire Sprinkler Type::Upright Temperature Raiting::57,68, 79,93,141,182 Degree Certificate:CCCF Surface Treatment::Polish Surface Finishing::Chrome



fire sprinkler

uright sprinkler

fire sprinkler heads

Detailed introduction


CCCF Chromed Brass Upright Fire Sprinkler

An upright sprinkler sprays water upwards and the deflector deflects the water back down.

Upright fire sprinklers are suited for areas that are difficult to access, like around beams, ducts, and other ceiling obstructions, or in ceilings without a finish (eg., no drop ceiling or drywall). These sprinklers are commonly found in buildings with exposed ceilings, like many chic restaurants or mechanical rooms. It may be useful to think of an upright fire sprinkler like an upside down pendent fire sprinkler, only with a concave deflector.


fire sprinkler


Product Features

1.Brass material of high quality

2. 5mm glass bulb of standard response

3.Chrome finished surface to prevent corrosion

4.CCCF certified,quality guaranteed


Pendent Fire Sprinkler Systems

fire sprinkler system


Temperature Rating

Nozzle Rated Temp Max Ambient Temp Glass Ball Color
57°C 27°C Orange
68°C 38°C Red
79°C 49°C Yellow
93°C 63°C Green
141°C 111°C Blue
182°C 152°C Purple

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