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Foam Nozzle Fire Sprinkler



Item No.:WFFI805 Material:Brass Connecting Thread(Inch):DN15/DN20/DN25 Fire Sprinkler Type::Foam Fire Sprinkler Certificate:CCC Surface Treatment::Chrome



sprinkler nozzle

foam nozzle

Detailed introduction

Foam Nozzle Fire Sprinkler

* Foam/water sprinkler systems are more economical than a water-only system, when evaluated for the same risk. They provide for actual extinguishment of the fire and a lower water demand. The conversion assists in the reductionof property loss, loss of life and in many cases the reduction of insurance rates.

* In most instances, fires cause more than structural and inventory damages. Many manufacturing and storage facilities have various flammable products that are protected by water sprinkler systems alone. The water sprinkler system may extinguish the fire; however, this type system has the two potential problems. If the water only system is not capable of quick extinguishment, the product containers can erupt and spill. Also it typically requires a great deal of water to extinguish a flammable liquid that is miscible in water or in many cases, the flammable liquid floats on the water and then the water becomes the vehicle that spreads the fire. Both the large amounts of water and the flammable liquids are normally washed into the local drain systems which can contaminate the water supplies and aquifers. Along with the financial loss of the manufacturing/storage facilities and products, there is the expense of contamination cleanup.

* Foam systems can facilitate in quick extinguishment and water reduction. In a single year, the National Fire Protection Association documented fires that involved flammable liquids with direct losses of over $1 billion. The extended losses includingthe close of businesses, cost of environmental cleanup and increased insurance costs are inconceivable.

Techincal Data

Sprinkler Body Material Brass
Net Material SS304
Deflector Material Brass
Installation Pendent
Thread Connection 1/2" BSP
Surface Finishing Brass Chromed
Application Fire Protection
Media Water ,Foam
K Factor 3.0
Max Working Pressure 175 psi (12,1 bar)


Size(mm) 15(1/2) 20(3/4) 25(1")
Working Pressure(Mpa) 0.4 0.4 0.4
Flow Rate(L/S) 50 70 90
Foaming Level ≥5 ≥5 ≥5
25% dessection 120s 120s 120s
K 25 35 45
Material Brass Brass Brass

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