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Diaphragm Style Fire Alarm Deluge Valve



Product Origin:China Shipping Port:Xiamen Lead Time:15-20days Payment:TT, LC Size:DN100 - DN250 Material:Ductile Iron Working Pressure:1.6Mpa Type:Deluge Valve



deluge valve

diaphragm deluge valve

Detailed introduction

Diaphragm Fire Alarm Deluge Valve

* Deluge Valve is known as a system control valve in a deluge system, used for fast application of water in a spray system. Deluge valve protects areas such as power transformer installation, storage tank, conveyor protection and other industrial application etc. With the addition of foaming agent they do protect aircraft hanger and inflammable liquid fire.

* When a fire alarm is triggered in a deluge system, the diaphragm-style valve opens, allowing water to flow through the system.   The pressure gauge connected to the valve provides real-time information about the pressure in the system, allowing the operator or monitoring personnel to ensure that the system is functioning properly.

deluge valve


Model Norminal Diameter (mm) Working Pressure   (MPa) Drive Time(s)
S-ZSFM-100 DN100 1.2~1.6 <15
S-ZSFM-125 DN125 1.2~1.6 <15
S-ZSFM-150 DN150 1.2~1.6 <15


Technical Data

Body Material Ductile Iron 
Pipe Material Stainless Steel 304
Ball Valve Material Brass
Fire Alarm BellMaterial Stainless Steel 304
Size (mm) DN100,DN125,DN150,DN200,DN250
Production Standard GB5135.5~2003
Solenoid Valve Voltage DC24V
Application fire fighting, foam system, fire protection system,fire sprinkler system
Operation solenoid control, hydraulic, electric actuation



Diaphragm-style fire alarm deluge valves are commonly used in high-hazard environments such as power plants, aircraft hangars, warehouses, and chemical processing plants.   They are designed to quickly deliver a large volume of water to extinguish fires or control hazardous situations.

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