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ABC Dry Power Auto Fireball Extinguisher



Product Origin:China Item No.:WFEBI003 Shipping Port:Xiamen Lead Time:7 Days Payment:T/T;L/C


fire ball extinguisher

fire fighting ball

Detailed introduction


Auto Fireball Extinguisher Features

1.Ease of Use: Fire Ball weighs 1.3kg and is easily handled or thrown by most users young and old.

2.Automatic Fire Prevention 24/7 Fire Ball can be placed in a cradle and installed where there is high fire risk, and will automatically activate within 3-S seconds upon contact with a naked flame.

3.Multi-Purpose Fire Protection and environmentally friendly, dry chemical powder and extinguishes these types of fires:

Class A: Combustible materials Class B: Flammable liquids Class C: Flammable gas


5.Quality and Standards: all the automatic fire extinguisher ball made under CE, SGS, RoHS standard.

6.No Inspections, Servicing or Maintenance are required.



Auto Fireball Extinguisher Specifications

1. Material: High quality Dry Power

2.Fire Type: ABC Fire Extinguisher

3.Grow Weight: 1.5kg

4.Net Weight 1.3kg

5.Diamter: 14.5cm

6.Warranty :5 years

7.Package: 12 piece per carton

8.Carton size: 57cm*37ccm*37.5cm

Auto Fire Off Fire Extinguisher Ball Applications

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