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Fire Resistant Blankets



Product Origin:China Item No.:WFBKI002 Material:Fiberglass Weight:620g Application:Fire Proof Size:1.0*1.0meter Package:40pcs Per Carton Woven:Plain Color:White


fire blankets

Detailed introduction

1. Why use Fire Resistant Blanket?

1. Easy and light to use for almost children and the old.

2.High Temperature resistant to protect you around fire.

3..None validity and durable to use for lifelong time.

4.Strong R&D Team for OEM/ODM Service: Color,size, logo can be make accordingly customer request.

5.Quality Certificated:CE,EN1869:1997,ISO9001 management

2. How to Use fire blanket?



Fire Blanket

Fire Blanket: use on 'Class A, B & D' and works by smothering the fire.

It may also be used to contain fire-extinguishing media, to improving its effectiveness

when applied to small fires in open conditions or extinguish clothing on fire etc.

Location/ Fitting - blankets should be wall mounted at eye level where they can be

easily accessed but away from the risk (cooker), so that you can pull down and

remove blanket quickly without being obstructed



1. Ensure that you are positioned between the fire and a safe exit/escape route.

2. Pull down (generally) tapes to remove blanket from container.

3. Hold blanket by the tapes and wrap so to protect exposed skin on hands and

forearm (using the blanket to shield your face & hands) and then place or cover

burning material completely. Leave to cool for at least 30 minutes, keeping out of

the smoke.

4. Turn off any electrical or gas supplies or remove any heat source if safe, leave the

area closing all doors behind you and call the fire brigade.



· Always read the instructions before use;

· Once the fire blanket has been placed over a small fire -

a small fire -remove the source of ignition (i.e. shut off or close down

electrical power, gas or flames);

· Do NOT remove blanket for at least 30 minutes - call the

fire brigade;

· Do NOT reuse dispose of and get new blanket;


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