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GR Russian Fire hose couplings



Product Origin:China Lead Time:5-10 Days According To Quantity Payment:T/T, L/C, Western Union Material:Aluminum Working Pressure:16bar Type:Russian Gost Type Diameter:51mm Keyword:Russian Gost Type Delivery Time:5-15 Days Application:Hose Connection



Detailed introduction



2.Working Pressure:16 Bar

3.Test Pressure:24 Bar

4.Material: Aluminum

5.Applicable Medium: Water, Foam admixture liquid


The Gost coupling is a Russian coupling which is used mainly in Russia, Cuba, Lithuania, and neighboring countries. The Gost system is also used by off-shore drilling platforms worldwide. The coupling is symmetrical like the Storz coupling and is available in sizes 2” to 6”. The Gost coupling is manufactured using a pressure casting process and is available in aluminum and brass.

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