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2.5 Inch Flange Inlet Oblique Fire Hydrant Landing Valve



Product Origin:China Lead Time:15-20days Size::2 Inch, 2.5 Inch Material:Brass Working Pressure:1.6 Mpa Type:Flange Inlet Oblique



Detailed introduction


Oblique landing valves are suitable for installation on wet risers in a building for fire fighting purposes with permanently charged water from a pressurised supply.

The landing valves are oblique type with flanged inlet and are manufactured to comply to BS 5041 Part 1 standard with delivery hose connection and blank cap complying with BS 336:2010 standard.

The landing valves are classified under low pressure and are suitable for use at nominal inlet pressure up to 15 bar.


Product Parameter 

Code No. WFLV - F25
Body Material Copper Alloy
Inlet 2.5”BS4504
Outlet 2.5”BS 336 Female coupling with plastic cap & chain
Pressure Rating Low Pressure Valve
Test pressure Valve Seat Test at 16.5 Bar • Body Test at 22.5 Bar
Water Flow Rate 8.5 L/S @ 4 Bar Outlet Pressure


Products Features

Body material made of copper alloy to EN 1982

Hand wheel material made of grey cast iron to BS EN 1561

Blank cap material made of copper alloy to EN 1982

Possible to replace the gland seal when under pressure with the valve fully closed

Disc facing rubber is of replaceable type

Valves are provided with a strap and pad lock so that the hand wheel can be secured to counter unauthorized use

The hand wheel is BLACK painted and body to RED

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