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2 Ways Pillar Outdoor Fire Hydrant



Product Origin:China Color:Red Size:2.5 Inch Material:Ductile Iron Working Pressure:20 Bar Type:British



pillar hydrant

outdoor fire hydrant

pillar fire hydrant

Detailed introduction

pillar fire hydrant

2 Ways Pillar Outdoor Fire Hydrant

* 2 Way Outlet 65 mm Underground Vlave Pillar Fire Hydrant is a connection point by which firefighters can get the supply of water for fire hose. It is a component installed in outdoor for fire protection. Raw materiral made from bronze and cast iron. Also can be matched with fire coupling, fire truck etc. Red color, easy for recognition and easy operation.

* The fire pillar hydrant is a vertical pipe-like structure installed outdoors and is typically painted in a distinctive color for easy identification.  It is usually made of durable materials like cast iron or steel to withstand harsh weather conditions.

* Body material: Cast Iron to BS 1452
* Inlet : 4" Table T BS 10
* Flange Outlet: Copper Alloy 2x2.5" Control Valve with Female BS Inst.
* Outlet Test pressure: 30bar(435 psi)
* Working pressure: 20bar(290 psi)
* Finishing: Red Epoxy coated

Working principle

* Inlets: A 2-way fire pillar hydrant typically has two inlets, which are connected to the water supply.  These inlets allow simultaneous connection to two separate fire hoses or other firefighting equipment.

* Outlets: At the top of the hydrant, there are two outlets or discharge points.  Each outlet is equipped with a valve that can be opened to release the water when needed.  Firefighters can connect their hoses to these outlets to access the water supply for firefighting operations.

* Valve Operation: The valves on the outlets of the fire pillar hydrant are usually operated manually.  Firefighters can open the valves by turning the wheel or handle provided on each outlet.  This allows the water to flow through the hydrant and into the connected hoses.

* Pressure Regulation: The water pressure in the system may be regulated by pressure-reducing valves installed within the hydrant or further upstream in the water supply network.  This helps maintain a steady and controlled flow of water during firefighting operations.

2 Way Outdoor Fire Hydrant

outdoor fire hydrant


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