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Large Scale K115 QR Pendent 3mm Glass Bulb Fire Sprinkler



Item No.:WFS-115Q Payment:TT Material:Brass Connecting Thread(Inch):3/4 Glass Bulb Diameter::3mm Glass Bulb Colour::Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue Fire Sprinkler Type::Pendent Temperature Raiting::57,68, 79,93,141,182 Degree Surface Treatment::Polish Surface Finishing::Chrome



Detailed introduction

Large Scale K115 QR Pendent 3mm Glass Bulb Fire Sprinkler

Fire sprinkler is suppression type sprinklers that are especially advantageous as a means of eliminating the use of medium-light dangerous buildings where the working environment temperature is not lower than 4 °C and not higher than 70°C,such as hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, entertainment venues, warehouses, hospitals, factories, airports and basements.

Installation and Maintenance 

During installation, should pay attention not to damage the bulb to avoid affect the thermal performance. In the


process of wrench and twist, do not use spanner to wrench the supporting arm to deformation and affect the 

sealing performance (note: the bulb temperature can be chosen according to the needs of users)


Pendent sprinkler  : Uesd Mainly, Where water pipeline, used for sprinklers in - stallation is concealed. The sprinkler is mounted in a I discharging spray hemispherically.


Conventional sprinkler  : Used either in Upright or in Pendent Positions producing a spherical pattern with part of water sprayed towards the cell.


Upright sprinkler  : Used mainly where the water pipeline is exposed. Mounded only in Upright position discharging spray hemispherically.


Sidewall sprinkler : Used mainly, where the pipeline run along the wall, sprinkles form out ward half parboiled pattern.     

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