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Globe Brass Pendent Fire Sprinkler Head



Item No.:WFSP-15 Material:Brass Connecting Thread(Inch):1/2 Or 3/4 Glass Bulb Diameter::5mm Glass Bulb Colour::Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue Fire Sprinkler Type::Pendent Temperature Raiting::57,68, 79,93,141,182 Degree Surface Treatment::Polish Surface Finishing::Chrome



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Detailed introduction

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Globe Brass Pendent Fire Sprinkler Head

Brass pendant fire sprinkler head is a type of fireler head that is commonly used in commercial buildings and residential properties.  It is designed to quickly detect and suppress fires in the event of an emergency.

The brass pendant sprinkler head is typically suspended from the ceiling and features a heat-sensitive element, such as a glass bulb or a fusible link.  When the ambient temperature reaches a certain level, the heat-sensitive element activates, causing it to shatter or release, which allows water to flow through the sprinkler head.

The pendant design of the sprinkler head means that it hangs down from the ceiling with the water discharge facing downward.  This design allows for effective water distribution and coverage over a designated area.  The water is dispersed in a pattern that helps to control and extinguish the fire while minimizing water damage to the surrounding areas.

Product Features:

1.Brass material of high quality

2. 5mm glass bulb of standard response

3.Chrome finished surface to prevent corrosion

Temperature Rating:

fire sprinkler temperature


It's important to note that fire sprinkler heads, including brass pendant heads, need to be installed and maintained by professionals adhering to local fire codes and regulations.  Regular inspections and testing are necessary to ensure the proper functioning and reliability of the sprinkler system in case of a fire emergency.


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