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Aluminum Gost 2 Inch Fire Hose Nozzle



Size::2 Material::Aluminum Type::Gost


fire hose nozzle

fire hose garden hose nozzle

nozzle for fire hose

Detailed introduction

Aluminum Gost 2 inch Fire Hose Nozzle

1.Product introduction 

* Gost fire hose nozzle is a fire extinguishing device connected to a hose to spray a dense, full stream of water. It has the advantages of long range and large amount of water.

* Fire hose nozzles play an important part in firefighting.  it's designed to be easy to use and keep the water from running out of the pipe.These types of nozzles are very versatile and can accommodate different sizes of fire hose and fire streams.They can be used for protection and for fire attack.When given the appropriate nozzle pressure and water supply, they are effective for any fire ground situation.It can deliver water, foam, powder or other fire extinguishering substance.

2.Product Parameter 

fire hose nozzle

Application of Fire Nozzle

1.open the fire hydrant door and take out the water hose and water gun.

2.check whether the water hose and connector are in good condition. If they are damaged, it is prohibited to use them.

3.lay the water hose towards the fire site, and pay attention to avoid twisting.


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