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2.5 Inch John Morris Instaneous Fire Fighting Branch Pipe



Size::2 Material::Alu / Brass Type::Straight Stream


fire fighting pipe

fire fighting branch pipe

Detailed introduction

2.5 inch John Morris Instaneous Fire Fighting Branch Pipe

1.Product Description

* Branch pipe,its inlet connection is 21/2” male instantaneous and outlet is Solid Jet nozzle.Material of construction maybe copper alloy or aluminum alloy.

* John Morris Instantaneous Fire Fighting Branch Pipe is a type of firefighting equipment commonly used in the firefighting.  It is designed to deliver water or firefighting foam to extinguish fires effectively.

* The John Morris Instantaneous Fire Fighting Branch Pipe features a robust construction and is typically made of durable materials such as aluminum or brass.  It has a nozzle at the end, which can be adjusted to provide different spray patterns, including a straight stream or a wide spray pattern, depending on the firefighting needs.

* The branch pipe is designed to be easily connected to a fire hose, typically using an instantaneous coupling system.  The instantaneous coupling allows for quick and secure connections between the hose and the branch pipe, ensuring a reliable water supply during firefighting operations.

2.Product Parameter 

3.Products Features

A. Its operating pressure is 150 PSI Max and is naturally polished,It is a basic fire fighting nozzle commonly used by most fire Brigades.These smooth bore tips creates concentrated jet pattern of water flow with maximun reach.

B. This nozzle is available with two orifice sizes:12mm and 19mm

C. Application:hydrant system,wet or dry riser system 


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