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Fixed Manual Fire Water Cannon



Product Origin:China Shipping Port:Xiamen Lead Time:15-20days Payment:TT, LC Size::3 Inch, 4 Inch Material::Ductile Iron Working Pressure::0.8MPa Type::Fire Monitor



fire truck water cannon

fire water cannon

fixed fire water monitor

fire water monitor

Detailed introduction

Fixed Manual Fire Water Cannon

* A fixed manual fire water cannon, also known as a fire monitor or fire water monitor, is a device designed to deliver large volumes of water or fire-suppressing agents to extinguish fires.   It is typically installed in industrial settings, such as chemical plants, mining operations, or large storage facilities, where high-flow water streams are required to combat fires.

*The water cannon consists of a nozzle attached to a swivel joint that allows for a wide range of movement.   It is usually mounted on a fixed structure, such as a wall, platform, or roof, and can be controlled manually to aim the water stream at the fire.   The nozzle is designed to produce a powerful jet of water or an adjustable spray pattern, depending on the specific requirements.

* This fire water cannon is the latest self-designed technology at home and abroad. The key parts have been improved. It is simple, novel, stable and reliable, flexible in operation and convenient in maintenance. When spraying water column, it can extinguish solid fire; when spraying water mist, it can be used for cooling of fire field, fire rescue, and can also be used for cooling of storage tanks such as oil storage tank area, benzene tank area and methanol tank area. It can effectively absorb the heat in the air at the fire site and absorb the toxic and harmful gases such as smoke and chlorine in the diluted air, which improves the safety factor of firefighters. Applicable to areas of offshore oil rigs, ports, dock oil depots, marine firefighting vessels and other fire extinguishing media.

Products Features

1, simple operation, flexible, long range
2, with flow adjustment function

3, horizontal rotation, pitch rotation

4, with straight stream and spary function

Product Parameter

fire water monitor

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