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Medium Velocity Directional Sprinkler



Connecting Thread:BSP(NPT optional) Main Material:Brass Working pressure:0.35-0.8MPa Surface Finishing:Chrome (Natural Brass Optional)



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Medium speed water sprinkler

Fire water sprinkler

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Medium Velocity Sprinkler Nozzle

  JINYUAN Medium Velocity Water Spray Nozzle is an open orifice, directional spray nozzle, designed for use in water spray fixed systems for fire protection applications. Nozzle comes in brass materials of construction. The nozzle has an external deflector that discharges a uniformly filled cone of medium velocity water droplets. It comes with option of several k-factors and spray angles and therefore any system designer is able to effectively integrate the nozzle for water spray applications.

  The medium velocity sprinkler nozzle operates by releasing water or another fire-suppressing agent at a moderate velocity.   It is typically connected to a piping system that is connected to a water source or a dedicated fire protection system.   When a fire is detected, the sprinkler system activates, and water is discharged through the nozzles to suppress or extinguish the fire.

  The medium velocity sprinkler nozzle is characterized by its spray pattern, which is usually a cone-shaped spray.   The nozzle design and water flow rate are optimized to provide effective fire protection coverage over a specific area.   The spray pattern and flow rate can be selected based on the specific fire hazard and the required design criteria.

  Some medium velocity sprinkler nozzles may also have features such as a thermal element or a fusible link that reacts to heat and triggers the release of water.   This adds an additional level of fire detection and activation to the sprinkler system.


fire water sprinkler

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