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ESFR Upright Fire Sprinklers K242



1)Use the fusible alloys as sensitive components has stable performance, precise operating temperature, and fast response speed. 2)By installing ESFR sprinkler heads in the overhead system, the layered sprinkler heads on each shelf can be eliminated, thus simplifying the system and saving investment costs.



Detailed introduction

The Induction of Upright ESFR Sprinklers


forede Upright ESFR Sprinklers is that under the action of heat, the thermally sensitive elements start automatically within a predetermined temperature range, and the water is distributed on the designed protection area in a certain shape and density. In the early stage of a fire, even if only a few sprinklers are activated, There can be enough water to act on the fire quickly to extinguish or suppress the fire to an acceptable level.



The Specification of Upright ESFR Sprinklers

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