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Standard Upright Fire Sprinkler Head



K FACTOR: K8.0 @US (115@Metric) Connecting Size: DN20 (3/4”); Connecting Thread: BSP (NPT Optional); Main Material: Brass; Sensitive Element: JOB® Brand Glass Bulb; Seal Material: NBR; Surface Finishing : Chrome (Natural Brass Optional).



Detailed introduction

Extend Coverage Sprinkler


Extended coverage (EC) fire sprinklers do what the name says: provide more extensive coverage, typically allowing system designers to place fewer sprinklers in a given area. And with this capability, the sprinkler head spacing distance rules change.

Designers and installers must maintain certain minimum distances because putting sprinklers too close together is redundant and can impair effectiveness, as can placing them too far away. If a section of the wall needs to get wet to deprive a fire of its fuel source, for example, a faraway sprinkler will enable a blaze to spread and reduce valuable time to escape.



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