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Sidewall Fire Sprinkler Head For Fire Fighting



K FACTOR:K 5.6 @ US(80@Metric) Thread Size:DN15(1/2'') Connecting Thread: BSP (NPT Optional) Main Material: Brass Sensitive Element: YF® Brand Glass Bulb (JOB® Glass Bulb Optional); Seal Material: NBR(Teflon Optional) Surface Finishing : Chrome (Natural Brass Optional).



Detailed introduction

Sidewall Standard Fire Sprinkler

Sidewall fire sprinklers install along walls or beneath beams where ceiling piping is unavailable, or where aesthetic concerns or obstructions weigh against the use of other sprinkler types. Most are designed to protect small rooms, closets, or hallways and have a semicircular deflector that produces a crescent-shaped spray pattern. Horizontal sidewall sprinklers should only be installed below smooth, flat, They are used in hotels, restaurants, churches, and a range of commercial structures, and most sidewall fire sprinklers utilize a 1/2″ (12.7 mm) thread connection and feature a 5.6 K-factor.



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