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Pendent ESFR Fire Sprinklers K242/K202



1)Use the fusible alloys as sensitive components has stable performance, precise operating temperature, and fast response speed. 2)By installing ESFR sprinkler heads in the overhead system, the layered sprinkler heads on each shelf can be eliminated, thus simplifying the system and saving investment costs.



Detailed introduction

The Induction of Pendent ESFR Fire Sprinklers


forede Pendent ESFR Fire Sprinklers are mainly composed of frame, sealing element, ball seat, spring, action mechanism, fusible alloy sheet, screw, splash plate, etc.; sprinkler adopts welded fusible element as the action element and consists of two identical connections The parts are connected by the welding layer of fusible elements. When the operating temperature is reached, the welding layer melts, the connecting parts are separated, and the sprinkler starts to spray fire.



The Specification of Pendent ESFR Fire Sprinklers

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