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ESFR Pendent Fire Sprinklers



K FACTOR: K 14 @US (202 @Metric); Connecting Size: DN20 (3/4”); Connecting Thread: BSP (NPT Optional); Main Material: Brass; Sensitive Element: usible Alloy; Seal Material: NBR; Surface Finishing : Chrome (Natural Brass Optional).



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Early Suppression Fast Response (ESFR) fire sprinkler systems are ceiling mounted fire sprinklers that are designed to eliminate the need for in-rack fire sprinklers in warehouses with high piled storage. ESFR systems provide a higher level of protection than conventional sprinkler systems. "ESFR" is only one of many acronyms in the alphabet soup of fire protection. But “early-suppression, fast-response” sprinklers are uniquely powerful tools for protecting high-challenge occupancies. Unlike many other sprinkler types, ESFR sprinklers are designed to suppress a fire, directly attacking the blaze rather than just controlling it. Though they aren’t practical for every application, ESFR sprinklers are highly useful in many storage occupancies. And to properly maintain sprinkler systems in these settings and maximize warehouse space.




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