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1/2 In Chrome Plated Institutional Pendent Sprinkler



Installation Form:Pendent Sprinkler Material: Carbon Steel, or Stainless Steel Surface Finish:chrome plated or painted finish Working Pressure:175psi(12 bar) Thread Size:1/2" NPT(DN15) K-Factor:K 5.6(80)



Detailed introduction

Institutional Pendent Sprinkler

The institutional pendant sprinkler is a type of fire sprinkler that is designed for use in institutional facilities such as hospitals, schools, and nursing homes.  These sprinklers are typically installed in the ceiling and are designed to provide rapid and effective fire protection in the event of a fire.  The pendant design allows for a sleek and unobtrusive installation, and the sprinkler head is designed to automatically activate when exposed to high temperatures, releasing water to suppress the fire.




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