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2 Way Breeching Inlet Fire Hydrant



Material:Cast iron/Dutile iron Inlet:2.5” BS instantaneous male copper alloy to BS 1982 Outlet:4” BS 4504 / 4” table E /4” ANSI 150# Working Pressure:16bar Test pressure: Body test at 22.5bar



2 Way Breeching Inlet

inlet breeching

Detailed introduction

2 way breeching inlet


* 2-way breeching inlet is a type of fire hydrant connection commonly used in firefighting systems.   It is designed to allow fire departments to connect their hoses to a building's fire protection system.

* An Inlet breeching valve is installed at ground level to provide a connection to the water supply. The system is usually dry and charged by the fire brigade in an emergency. 2 way inlet breeching valves can be installed in the vertical or horizontal position.

* Breeching Inlets are installed outside the building or any easily accessible area in the building for firefighting purposes by fire brigade personnel to access the inlet. Breeching Inlets are fitted with inlet connection at fire brigade access level and outlet connection at specified points. It is normally dry but capable of being charged with water by pumping from fire service appliances.

inlet breeching

Processing Steps
Drawing-Mold-Casting-CNC Maching-Assembly-testing-Quality Inspection-Packing


Material Cast iron/Dutile iron


2-1/2” Male Instantaneous Connector Complying to BS 336


100mm Flange outlet

Working Pressure

16 Bar

Test pressure

Hydrostatically tested   to 24,Non-return valve tested to 22.5 bar

Flange size

BS 4504 / BS10D TABLE D


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