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Right Angle Valve



Material:Brass Size:1 1/2" & 2 1/2" Working Pressure:16 bar Test Pressure:24 bar Lead Time:15-30days Surface finish: polished brass,Roual/polished chrome plated



Right Angle Valve

angle hose valve

angle valve

Detailed introduction

angle valve

Angle Valve Description
Angle  Valve is a type of globe pattern hydrant valve. These angle type landing valves are available with male outlet or female out and are manufactured to comply to FM&UL standard The Angle landing valves are classified under low pressure and are suitable for use at nominal inlet pressure up to 16 bars. The internal casting finishes of every valve is of high quality ensuring a low flow restriction that meets the standard’s water flow test requirement.There are two types of right angle fire hydrants: male thread and female thread. Generally used with hose racks, hoses and fire nozzles. Usually the assembled product is placed in the fire box or hung on the wall alone. When use it, open the fire hydrant and pull out the hose to use.

Key Specificatoins:
● Material:Brass
● Inlet: 1.5”&2.5” NPT
● Outlet:1.5”&2.5” NST
● Working pressure:16bar
● Test pressure: Body test at 24bar
● Manufacturer and certified to NFPA standard

Angle type landing valves are suitable for both on-shore and off-shore fire protection applications and suitable for installation on wet risers for firefighting. These valves are generally used with permanently charged water from a pressurized supply with water and accordingly mounted in fire hydrant systems at Internal or External places.



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